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Activity + Athletics

The first step to becoming healthier is simply getting up and getting out there. We strive to educate about the importance of activity by creating the opportunity to do so.

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Academics + Education

The habits that each student makes when they aren't learning at school drastically impact the choices they will continue to make while there. 

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Teamwork + Communication

Building and maintaining healthy relationships will help you in all aspects of life. Sports can be the easiest way to teach the fundamentals of teamwork and cooperation.

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Nutrition + Lifestyle

Sustaining an active lifestyle can be very difficult if proper nutrition and lifestyle aren't emphasized as well. Developing healthy habits while in your youth ensures a foundation that can carry into adulthood.

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"Do you know what my favorite part of the game is?
The Opportunity to play!"

-Mike Singletary-
Professional Football Hall Of Fame: 1998

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Determined to make a difference.

Arizona Middle School Athletics Association (AMSAA) puts every resource at our disposal into ensuring that every child in Arizona has the opportunity to grow and develop into a their full potential.

Contributors and Sponsors allow us the opportunity to conduct events and clinics across the entire state of Arizona including areas that wouldn't otherwise have access to the necessary funding. 

If you would like to sponsor a clinic in full or in part we can work together to promote a healthier lifestyle for children who don't have the means of pursuing this opportunity on their own.

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